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Info Code Description Finish Other Info List Price Your Price Qty
Information DK11201 Standard Address Label Paper normal (10.95) 7.34
Information DK11202 Shipping Label Paper normal (19.99) 13.39
Information DK11203 File Folder Label Paper normal (9.99) 6.69
Information DK11204 Multi Purpous Label Paper normal (7.25) 4.86
Information DK11207 CD/DVD Label Paper normal (22.99) 15.40
Information DK11208 Large Address Label Paper normal (14.25) 9.55
Information DK11209 Small Address Label Paper normal (14.45) 9.68
Information DK11218 Round label 1in. dia. Paper normal (14.99) 10.04
Information DK11219 Round label .5ins. dia. Paper normal (14.99) 10.04
Information DK11221 23mm. x 23mm. Pemanent adhesive square label normal (14.99) 10.04
Information DK11240 Barcode label 102 x 51mm. Paper normal (37.00) 24.79
Information DK11241 Large shipping label 102 x 152mm Paper normal (37.00) 24.79
Information DK22113 62mm. Clear Tape (Film) normal (69.99) 46.89
Information DK22205 62mm. x 30.48m. Paper Tape normal (17.99) 12.05
Information DK22210 29mm. x 30.48m. Paper Tape normal (10.99) 7.36
Information DK22211 29mm. White Tape (Film) normal (23.99) 16.07
Information DK22212 62mm. White Tape (Film) normal (48.99) 32.82
Information DK22214 12mm. x 30.48m. Paper Tape normal (10.45) 7.00
Information DK22223 50mm. Paper normal (15.00) 10.05
Information DK22243 102mm. Paper Tape normal (33.95) 22.75
Information DK22606 62mm. Yellow Tape (Film) normal (69.99) 46.89
Information DK44205 62mm. x 30.48m. Removable White Paper Tape normal (21.99) 14.73
Information DK44605 62mm. x 30.48m. Removable Yellow Paper Tape normal (24.99) 16.74
Information DKN55224 54mm. Non adhesive thick paper roll normal (16.99) 11.38
Information VM-100VP Works with QL Machine Visitor Badge & Management Software NEW (139.74) 93.63
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